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LETTER: Nevada doesn’t need to be the nation’s dumping ground

Updated May 23, 2019 - 12:45 am

Two recent letter writers — John Currell of Henderson and Paul Rodriguez of Las Vegas — promoted Nevada to be the recipient of toxic nuclear waste.

Mr. Currell states, “Accepting the waste would benefit many Americans.” He alludes to payments being made to Nevada by the federal government. Mr. Rodriguez is more up front when he states Nevada should “demand a nice large fee for storing other states’ nuclear waste.” Their logic is based on the premise of giving up something for money. That logic appeals to certain elements of society today.

Prostitution is a lot like that. Those who promote making Nevada a nuclear dump are not dissimilar to those who promote prostitution.

But I take exception to anyone who wants to prostitute Nevada and dump toxic nuclear waste here. I agree with Mr. Rodriguez when he states that states which produced it “can store it themselves.”

Leave the toxic waste where it is, and let those who make it generate all that federal money for themselves. We’ll all be happier, and Nevada will be cleaner.

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