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LETTER: Nevada GOP leaders gutting the party

I agree with voters who feel the authoritarian bullies at the Nevada Republican Party have disenfranchised their own members (“Nevada’s Nikki Haley supporters voice frustration,” Jan. 27 Review-Journal). One reason for states choosing primaries is that caucuses were difficult for members to attend. Often the will of the party politicians ruled.

In your story, Thomas Kramer stated that the Nevada GOP caucus is rigged for Donald Trump, and that the guys who complained about the election being stolen are stealing the election. Not shocking because Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald and his cohorts are the ones who submitted fake electoral documents in 2020 attempting to subvert the will of the people.

Mr. McDonald states he has invited Nikki Haley to the caucus and that her response is proof of her disinterest in “working with Republicans in the state of Nevada.” Actually, Mr. McDonald’s insistence of running a caucus that ensures only his candidate will win is the example of refusing to work with all the Republican members. No one else’s choice matters to him.

To any logical person, Ms. Haley’s response shows common sense. Why join a rigged caucus and waste her time when she can spend her resources where it will make a difference? It matters not if any GOP candidate receives millions of votes in the Nevada primary, Mr. McDonald will anoint Mr. Trump as the GOP candidate. He is gutting the party.

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