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LETTER: Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval hypocritical on health care issue

Like several other governors, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval leaped at the chance for millions of “free” federal taxpayer dollars to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. He knew full well the funds were for three years only and then the Nevada taxpayer would be on the hook for an increasing share.

But, as usual, short-term political image won out.

Gov. Sandoval was one of those Republicans wringing his hands over any potential Medicaid “cuts” and against any solution to the sinking Obamacare. Hypocrisy abounds.

This also is a classic example of how the federal political system entraps states into ever-increasing social welfare programs. Have a problem? Big government will look after you. Remember: The only “entitlement” programs are Social Security and Medicare. All others are a form of welfare as there is no human contribution.

There will always be a need to support the needy. But the danger is the political motive and ever-increasing growth of such programs resulting in human apathy.

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