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LETTER: Nevada politicians and ‘the children’

Politicians constantly tell us they are raising taxes or passing laws for “the children.” A few years ago, Republicans in the Legislature passed a commerce tax, a gross margins tax that the voters rejected just a few months before the Legislature passed it. We were told it would raise about $140 million per year for “the children” and education.

Later, the voters legalized marijuana because they were told that this would raise about $120 million per year that would go to “the children” and education.

So for the past several years we have been bringing in about $260 million per year. But the money did not go to “the children” and education. Much of it went to the general fund.

Now, Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara says the district is short $17 million. He originally sought to fire 170 deans at the schools so he could balance his budget. But what he really wants is for the Clark County Commission to increase the sales tax to raise $98 million a year so the school district can not only fund the so-called shortfall, but have a lot more money to add additional programs and employees.

Remember: When a politician says that something is for “the children,” he or she is really saying they want to steal your hard-earned money.

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