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LETTER: Nevada pols need to get off my lawn!

With regard to banning “ornamental grass” (Saturday Review-Journal), people should remember that this is Las Vegas, which can exist only under the principle that people should have the right to do as they please so long as they don’t harm other people. While there are periodic water shortages here in Las Vegas, they are caused by government’s failure to do its job and to manage our water infrastructure to serve our needs.

Nobody is being harmed by someone else’s choice to have a pocket-lawn. The right answer to government officials who say, “We want to solve a water shortage (that we created, through our own incompetence) by forcing you to kill your lawn,” should be, “Get off your butt, and secure the water infrastructure that we pay you to secure using the taxes that we pay you already.” Stop trying to play the lawn police.

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LETTER: The dismal US jobs report

It’s too soon to read doom and gloom into one report—which likely will be revised (upward/downward) in the future.