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LETTER: Nevada’s energy prices should be criminal

I wonder how many of you have opened your latest NV Energy bill and discovered what I just did. I had a year-over-year 10 percent decrease in usage, yet my bill for August increased by 24 percent. In real terms it would have been an over 30 percent increase in the price. I can afford this, but many of my neighbors and fellow Las Vegans cannot.

Knee-jerk climate change initiatives have resulted in a butterfly effect. The cost of available fossil fuel, such as natural gas, is higher due to regulatory agency decisions. Gas is a key component to generate our electric energy. In addition, although our valley is surrounded by fields of solar panels. That visual blight contributes only a percentage of the energy fed to the electric network. All infrastructure changes cost money, but unless they ultimately result in cheaper electricity, what’s the point?

We need leadership that can see this for what it is: bad management, bad oversight, a lot of politicking, and a total lack of backbone on the part of the PUC Nevada and our leaders. They are all unable or unwilling to slow down their rush to “transition to clean energy” so that it doesn’t destroy the lives of the people and communities they represent.

It appears they don’t seem to care. We all know the current cost of living in general is unsustainable and that the current cost of NV Energy is equivalent to thievery. But our leadership doesn’t want to see that they cannot continue to squeeze people. At some point we break.

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