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LETTER: Nevada’s financial commitment for education is a disgrace

Consider two headlines in Monday’s Review-Journal. One said “Teachers vote to strike.” The other read “CCSD playgrounds falling into disrepair.” What is wrong with this picture? How can the leaders of Nevada sit back, see these headlines and continue to pour money into stadiums for more ball teams while doing nothing for the education of Nevada’s children?

We should first attend to our school system until we are no longer considered the worst state in the country for education. We must allot more funding to our schools so we can attract highly trained educators with adequate salaries teaching smaller classes. Instead of sports license plates, how about licenses bragging about our “wonderful” schools?

We need to encourage parents to enroll their children in public schools that give them something to look forward to instead of providing funding for private schools. We should be clamoring for budget reform .

The stadiums can wait. Let’s first get knowledgeable citizens who can then decide if they want to be known for sports or for valuable skills acquired through experience and education. The latter will ultimately lead to high-paying jobs that will certainly benefit our economy.

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Former vice president Joe Biden said recently that no one should be in prison for a nonviolent crime.