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LETTER: No conspiracy involving Hunter’s laptop

Your Monday editorial likening the initial reactions to the reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop to Donald Trump’s conviction on business records fraud in service of breaking election or tax law is another contribution to the avalanche of false equivalencies to normalize Mr. Trump’s criminality.

What the overwrought presentation of negative responses to a suspicious pre-election “October surprise” story of a nominee’s son leaving a laptop at a repair shop which allegedly contained incriminating evidence of Joe Biden’s criminal acts leaves out was the ensuing corrections.

All the media outlets — including the platforms that refused to carry the story at first — quickly undid those restrictions. Within days The New York Times reported it could not confirm the story was “disinformation.” The former intelligence officials who cast doubts on the story stated in their letter that they had no evidence the laptop was not Hunter’s, just that the story seemed suspicious. This was certainly true for anyone following the Trump’s campaign trail of lies.

The Review-Journal should acknowledge that Mr. Trump’s lies, frauds, defamations, criminal indictments and criminal convictions are exponentially worse than Hunter’s laptop being evidence or any of the other alleged Biden missteps.

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