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LETTER: No need to worry about a lack of masks at NFR

The headline in Saturday’s Review-Journal read “Smiling faces very visible.” Those smiles were visible because a large number of people attending the National Finals Rodeo are from states without mask mandates whose leaders understand that masks have not stopped the spread of COVID. There are only five states with indoor mask mandates, no matter vaccination status, and Nevada is one of them. We have been under a mask mandate for more than 527 days, and we are not any better off than a large number of states without one.

Gov. Steve Sisolak should quit trying to impress the big boys of the Democratic Party. They are not going to invite him to the adult table, no matter how much he follows in lockstep with their restrictive policies. The state has already been economically crippled with these policies. It’s time for the governor to think of Nevadans instead of his political ambitions. Stop letting the federal government tell Nevada who can and can’t wear a mask. And especially, stop following the Democratic big boys and make some choices that benefit Nevadans.

To the attendees of the NFR: Keep on showing those smiles. Maybe the rest of us should follow their lead.

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