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LETTER: Not enough teachers in Clark County

There is a shortage of teachers in Clark County. How very sad. The school year has begun, and there are not enough teachers for all the classes. Why? Why is there a severe shortage of teachers? The answer is simple and can easily be solved. Pay the teachers what they are worth.

The teacher spends the day in the classroom, then goes home to do research, write lesson plans, mark papers and get ready for subsequent days and lessons. Take a few minutes to reflect on the influence of teachers in our society. Everything we do in life has been taught to us by parents, teachers, friends and aspects of the media. Throughout the world the most formal teaching is from teachers in schools. It is a disgrace to our society to have a shortage of adequately licensed teachers.

Instead of paying sports personnel millions, try increasing teacher salaries so they don’t have to take a second job or reconstruct their budgets. Make teaching an exciting, rewarding profession and there will not be a shortage.

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