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LETTER: Not everyone has the money to buy a mansion

I found John Przybys’ Wednesday article on the available homes in the Las Vegas Valley for $300,000 or less very pertinent to the average potential buyer. I have been looking at homes for sale in the Las Vegas area and find that there are good quality, attractive homes in this price range. More attention to the resale market would be nice, as well as articles about the many different communities in the area.

Most of us cannot afford those million-dollar properties that are written about every week. It is so refreshing to read about those nice homes in the affordable price range.

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LETTER: Live your life

If you’re vaccinated, who cares if somebody else has a mask on or not?

LETTER: Paying people not to work

The Biden administration can’t figure out the bad April jobs report.

LETTER: Let’s make June 1 the day of unmasking

Now that everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be vaccinated by the end of this month, let’s call for a national unmasking day on June 1.