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LETTER: Not much of a choice in 2020

Those who favor a conservative viewpoint often complain of a “big government” that heavily taxes and then redistributes taxpayer money. I find it curious that these same complainers have no problem with multinational corporations that take our money and redistribute it overseas.

Through mergers and price fixing that all but eliminate honest competition, these corporation control staple items that everyone needs to live.

Also, these same fiscal conservatives complain of “irresponsible” college students who can’t pay off school debts. These students were lured into the loans in the first place in order to obtain a degree that they were assured would give them a decent wage. Or so they were told …

Meanwhile, these students were not informed before they acquired the loans that foreign exchange students on visas would perform those jobs for only a fraction of the wage the American students were lured with by the universities.

American students end up not only out of work but also heavily in debt.

Republicans have only one policy they stand by: Give massive tax breaks and incentives, along with deregulation, to mega-corporations and turn them loose to rape our nation (aka laissez faire).

Democrats want to open our borders and let the real pillage begin.

On one side, we are slugged and beaten by the conservatives, and on the other side, we are kicked and pummeled by the liberals. Wow, what a “choice” we have in 2020.

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