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LETTER: Nothing inappropriate about anti-Donald Trump chorus

In her Saturday letter, Mary Weintraub complains about the “boring” refrain that President Donald Trump lies. She says we should focus instead on Congress doing nothing.

About the latter, Mitch McConnell has the Senate sitting on legislation by saying he won’t bring up anything Mr. Trump won’t sign. Mr. Trump, in turn, does nothing about any legislation. He has offered no plans on immigration or health care. Did he not promise great health care when he ran for office? He said it would be so simple.

As to Mr. Trump lying, note that Ms. Weintraub does not deny it. I guess she has very low expectations. Without honesty and integrity, what do you have except a banana republic?

Mr. Trump says the economy is wonderful. The annual deficit is up 18 percent due to his giveaway to the wealthy. To keep it going, he proposed negative interest rates — leave $1,000 in the bank and take out $975 at the end of a year. Great if you are living on savings.

Oh, on lies: Bill Clinton told one and it got him impeached.

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