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LETTER: Nothing radical about Las Vegas ReAwaken America event

The weekend article in the Review-Journal covering the ReAwaken America event was reasonably accurate in principle, however there were some misrepresentations. My wife and I attended the event, as we are open-minded people with an understanding that some problems in our country are very troubling. We wondered if presentations at the event would provide some insight into why there is so much general unrest, social division and economic trouble these days.

Astonishingly enough, we found nothing “far right” or radical about what we saw. All the presentations were verified by credible documentation. The speakers were all professionals in their fields and much of the event was actually a religious revival.

While much of the information presented was troubling and in many ways controversial, there were no theories purported. Because of the amount and credible sources of documentation, much of it from U.S. government agencies, there was only controversy. For example: The term “election denier” is a canned term that conveys a false connotation. There are and always have been “election challengers,” and they have that right, to be sure — most recently Al Gore, Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton.

We had always believed the people of Nevada were fair, open-minded, mostly objective and patriotic — “Battle Born,” as they say. However we were very disappointed to learn of the resistance to having the event in North Las Vegas. It is absolutely beyond belief that, in America, people were threatening to try to revoke the permit because they didn’t like what might be said.

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