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LETTER: Ominous signs for the United States

At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Ben Franklin’s answer to a question was: “A republic, if you can keep It.” In seven short words he expressed both his hope and his worry that our new constitutional republic would endure. Now, nearly 240 years latter there are storm clouds on the horizon. There are six signs on my short list that cause me worry:

1) When the justice and tax system is selectively applied for unjust political purposes. 2) When our elected leaders act purely in their own personal or party interests and ignore the will of their constituents and orders of our courts. 3) When nearly half of the citizens believe the vote has questionable integrity. 4) When the number of voters dependent on the government for their livelihood begins to approach the number of others who support themselves in the private sector. 5) When the rights and privileges of citizenship are devalued, affording non-citizens superior benefits to those of our homeless and veterans. 6) When we no longer have confidence in the mental acuity and competence of our president.

For the past 240 years, our system of government has produced a quality of life unequaled elsewhere. I can only hope that we can navigate through the storm clouds and emerge into the light of another 240 years.

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