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LETTER: On deans, school discipline and parents

I picked up the Review-Journal on June 12 and began reading the article headlined “Critics: Dean cuts risky.” The first sentence says it all: “The elimination of deans in CCSD middle and high schools will remove employees critical to combating violence and addressing discipline issues.”

We need to face unpleasant facts: The main problem facing our schools is the child coming in. A child coming from a chaotic home headed by irresponsible parent(s) who do not value education may create violence and discipline issues. No amount of money will solve the underlying social problems. Let’s stop expecting teachers to correct problems created in the home.

I realize the term “personal responsibility” is considered politically incorrect by many of our so-called progressives. However, parents must be held responsible for raising their children. Until we have the courage to honestly address our huge social issues — such as the breakdown of the family and lack of respect for the rule of law — our schools will continue to fail.

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