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LETTER: On election fraud and a Biden victory

If the 2020 election is considered historical, one of the major reasons will be for the record-breaking number of American voters. By current counts, the total stands at more than 150 million.

Democrats want to celebrate Joe Biden’s win and most Republicans insist on recounts. Who’s wrong? Neither. Both are right. Both premises can be true at the same time: Mr. Biden won, and there were voting shenanigans in play at the same time. Our system allows both notions to be verified at the same time.

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LETTER: Big Tech silencing opposing voices

It is an outrageous use of power for Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Apple to remove the social network Parler from the internet.

LETTER: Las Vegas is headed for ghost town status

If the truth were known, Las Vegas is heading toward becoming a ghost town, adding it to the 60 or so other ghost towns of Nevada.