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LETTER: Online learning in Clark County can work — if parents let it

Jennifer Anderson’s school plan ideas are laughable (July 8 letter). She and others like her feel that it’s the village’s responsibility to raise and educate their children. Prior to the pandemic, these are the same adults who complained endlessly about public education. However, as soon as a global pandemic takes away their free babysitting service they are up in arms as to what to do with their own children.

Ms. Anderson suggests distance learning won’t work because parents struggle to reduce screen time as it is. Seriously? Teaching on-line is not rocket science, and professional educators can adjust, given the proper tools and resources, particularly when their own health and safety is at stake. The real issue is the small percentage of parents who do not feel they are directly responsible for raising their own children which includes, believe it or not, educating them and seeking out the resources that best support their needs.

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