LETTER: Only Henderson voters can stop the cronyism that presently exists in our great city.

It was pleasure to read the Jan. 21 letter to the Review-Journal from Henry Soloway, “An obvious political juice job in Henderson, of course.”

The city of Henderson has grown in population to nearly 300,000, yet nepotism is prevalent and friends are still being appointed to city positions by the mayor. Soon he will be gone and I hope city government will reflect the will of the people and not of the elite few.

Mr Soloway does not mention Chris Milan and his con job of a few years back relating to the so-called Henderson sports stadium. Involved in that fiasco and at the top of the list was Mayor Andy Hafen, followed by John Marchiano, Mike Ford, the BLM’s Bob Abbey, the Reid brothers Key and Josh and others. John Marz received financial assistance from Mr. Marchiano, who was considered the “go to lawyer” for Mr. Milan. Mr. Marz was running for re-election. Jacob Snow was the city manager when this deal was attempted. Both personal friends of the mayor.

The city of Henderson has come a long way in the past 20 years It has great parks and great police and fire services. We are no longer “Hafen’s Hootervile.” Residents need to get out and vote for the best choices and speak out against the “friends first” and the nepotism that exists in the top governing body of our city.

The Review-Journal has been transparent in identifying the break down of our city hierarchy. The mayor has reached his term limit. Only the voters can stop the cronyism that presently exists in our great city.

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