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LETTER: Only the ignorant can support Bernie Sanders

I lived in Las Vegas for 25 years and recently moved. I am shocked that people are so ignorant to support socialist Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination. He has never done anything noteworthy, admires communism and has made many disparaging remarks about minorities. He has no definitive plan on where to get the money to pay for “free” everything.

Does anyone understand socialism? Or do they just see free stuff?

I thought people were smarter than that. Guess not. Very scary.

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LETTER: Is the Las Vegas shutdown worth the economic hit?

It’s hard to believe that we still have almost another month before we start thinking of opening business again. If we keep this country closed much longer, the economic effects will be worse then the virus. Here in Las Vegas, these gambling structures will never survive a long-term closure, nor will the people.

LETTER: Gov. Steve Sisolak and a drug ban

I did not vote for Gov. Steve Sisolak, but I agree to a point with his restriction on the drug hydroxychloroquine.

LETTER: We all have to live with a little inconvenience

Letter writer Eric Yaillen was displeased with the decision by local stores to have an early line for seniors. I applaud the stores for taking this action.