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LETTER: Our universities are failing the country

Updated July 9, 2020 - 10:02 pm

Victor Davis Hanson’s July 5 commentary, “Universities sowing the seeds of their own obsolescence,” was spot on. His point that our colleges and universities are complicit in their failure to educate our children about American history is absolutely correct.

If our children don’t learn about both sides of our history, how can they learn to think for themselves and not be led by the mindless mobs? Isn’t it the primary job of higher education to help students think for themselves and to form their own independent opinions? The proof of higher education’s failure in America is exposed when these immature adolescents and twenty-somethings pull down statues and monuments of people who actually contributed to our growth and maturing as a nation.

While these well-endowed schools of higher learning get richer at the expense of imparting real education and moral values, our children become increasingly ignorant and, more importantly, mind slaves to the radical left and their followers. Fat endowments and tenured radical professors are a failure of higher learning but they are also a true sign of the greed and decay that is prevalent in most of these schools.

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