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LETTER: Outrageous conduct in the Clark County special public defenders office

In his Nov. 20 letter to the editor, Thomas Alessio accuses the Review-Journal of “yellow journalism” for a front-page headline regarding the behavior of certain employees of the Clark County Public Defenders office. Mr. Alessio asserts that the primary reason for the article was the prominent name of “Sisolak” rather than the obscene sign of “F—- the Police” sign on the desk of the chief public defender and similar text on the shirt of an employee of that office.

The conduct of these people is truly outrageous and reprehensible.

The public defenders office is a segment of the Clark County criminal justice system. The police, the courts, the prosecutors, the probation and parole officers, etc. are all part of this system and are all funded by the taxpayers of Clark County.

The degree of disrespect for law enforcement and shockingly vulgar conduct by these public servants warrants dismissal, prominent names notwithstanding.

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