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LETTER: Pawns for radical left-wing groups

Your article last week on the “call for climate emergency” made me think of a bunch of whiners. A 56-year-old solar panel installer complained, “It’s outrageous what is happening.” A photo shows a protest sign that read, “We can’t work in a heat wave.” Please take note that this protest took place when the temperatures were in the mid-80s. These unhinged voices are always complaining about evil capitalists taking advantage of the little guys. I say work hard, advance yourself and quit playing the victim.

This poor man and many like him are pawns in the hands of two social activist groups, Make the Road Nevada and Center for Popular Democracy Action. Their websites explain their slant. Make the Road Nevada’s Rico Ocampo, described as “an undocumented/DACAmented grassroots organizer,” declared, “We demand President (Joe) Biden call for climate emergency.” Outrageous.

I worked in the landscape field for 40 years in the Las Vegas Valley in record hot temperatures and some single-digit days as well. It’s Las Vegas. It’s hot. These left-leaning activist groups see their opportunity to make inroads into forcing climate change quackery on all of us with the destructive Biden regime in power.

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