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LETTER: Politicians thrive off creating false division

The gang in Washington over the past 30 years has turned the people against each other. No longer can people present their differences without being called different names. This country has now been turned upside down by people who care only about getting re-elected and filling their coffers with more money.

Big money elects all these people. You and I don’t count. The politicians cheat any way they can to get elected, and now you will see this with the fight on abortion rights, with big money funding all of these protests. The common person in this country has no say so.

Let’s face it: Why do we not have national term limits in this country? Because the politician is getting rich in office.

I’m glad I’m 87 years old. I don’t have to pay off the debt this country owes. I’m worried about the people who are struggling with this economy — which, let’s face it, was created by the greedy politicians.

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