LETTER: Property tax hike would hammer Nevada senior citizens

I see where the Nevada Association of Counties presented a bill last week to the Assembly Committee on Taxation to create a flat tax increase of 3 percent a year for residential properties (March 10 Review-Journal). This may be good for the government but it would hurt senior citizens living on fixed incomes.

I don’t believe many retirees on fixed incomes see a 3 percent raise any year. How are we senior citizens supposed to stay in our homes if we cannot afford a 3 percent raise in our property taxes each year?

May I suggest Nevada “freeze” property taxes for senior citizens who are retired at the age of 65? If property taxes were frozen for those 65 or older, we might be able to stay in our homes and not have to worry about selling our homes and renting somewhere.

But wait — rent is also skyrocketing, so one might not be able to afford to rent, either.

The incomes of most senior retirees has not gone up even 1 percent a year. Even when Social Security does give us a raise, then Medicare Part B goes up — so, in reality, there is no raise.

If Nevada needs more money, why not start a state lottery? Oh no, that might hurt the casino business, so let’s stick it to the “little guys” instead.

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