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LETTER: Proud Democrat says it’s the GOP that’s in demise

In response to Gordon Hurst’s Jan. 22 letter “Own demise”: It would appear that Mr. Hurst is confused about which party is in demise. I am a patriotic American citizen who is proud of my party’s representation in today’s government. We are the party that passed the Social Security Act, Medicare, civil rights legislation, fair housing regulation and the Voting Rights Act — all in the 20th century.

More recently, my party supports a woman’s right to choose, affordable health care for all and a college education for our country’s youth. We support the rebuilding of America’s roads and bridges. We support helping struggling families with the child tax credit. My party oversaw the creation of 6 million good-paying jobs in 2021 and a reduction in unemployment from 16.6 percent in July of 2020 to 3.4 percent today.

It is the Republican Party that is in demise. It is the GOP that is attempting to restrict voting rights and eliminate a woman’s right to choose. This is the same party that has attempted unsuccessfully to take health care away from tens of millions of Americans. It is the party that is so afraid of confronting past and current acts of racial injustice and inequality that it seeks to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory. And it is the same party responsible for the Jan. 6 attack on our nation’s capital and continues to encourage the “Big Lie.”

It is truly sad to see what has happened to the once proud and honorable Republican Party of Lincoln and Reagan, which has become as bankrupt as one of Donald Trump’s businesses.

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