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LETTER: Public needs specifics on the unvaccinated, deaths and hospitalizations in Las Vegas

In recent weeks, as new cases of COVID have risen dramatically, it has become common for the Review-Journal to include something in its daily reporting to the effect of “unvaccinated residents account for nearly all of the new infections.” This appears to be a reasonable statement. But messages like these are vague and leave room for doubt. It would be far more informative to report, for instance, “Of 100 newly admitted hospital cases yesterday, 99 of them were unvaccinated.”

Surely the state is tracking these numbers. They should be made available and reported as often as possible. A headline of “20 new COVID deaths reported; all 20 were unvaccinated,” would offer far greater incentive to get vaccinated than uncertain reports of “nearly all.” A clear, concise message backed up by hard numbers will receive attention. Now is the time to present people with facts that leave no room for debate.

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LETTER: The Supreme Court and the Texas abortion law

The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to decide on whether vigilantes can enforce a ban on abortion while a ban on abortion is clearly unconstitutional until Roe v. Wade is overturned.