LETTER: Recent writer is correct: Las Vegas Valley roads are hazardous

Charles Erreger’s Saturday letter to the editor, “Road rage,” was spot on, in my opinion. I would also add that installing red-light cameras and speed-limit cameras would help the police enforce traffic laws. I have also seen some jurisdictions establish a website and a toll-free telephone number for the public to report traffic violations.

I drive the valley roads a lot each day and it’s increasingly risky for pedestrians, cyclists and others given the huge number of drivers who disregard traffic laws. Every day it seems like there are media reports of traffic accidents, hit and runs and other traffic-related incidents. This, I believe, is why auto insurance rates are so high here in the valley.

That said, not much can be done until the citizens convince their public officials to use technology to help keep our roadways and the public safe. I understand not everyone is in favor of using traffic technology for a variety of reasons. However, as Mr. Erreger correctly noted, there are not enough police to do the job. Therefore, it would be prudent to seriously think about turning to technology.

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