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LETTER: Red-light cameras for Southern Nevada a no-brainer

I find it laughable when I read letters to the editor from people against red-light cameras. The Clark County sheriff is right, we need them.

I purchased my home in 1999, and I came from New York City. Over the past couple of years, many of the people who moved here came with bad driving habits. There is not one day I go out that I don’t see someone running a red light or speeding. I constantly see people speeding through school zones and not paying attention to the flashing lights, or I see people making their own lane just to go around other drivers.

New York has had red-light cameras for years, and it does not cause accidents. It makes people slow down.

We also need speed cameras around this town, especially in school zones. They installed them in all the boroughs in New York, and it is amazing to see people actually watch their speed.

My auto insurance has gone up in the past two years by about $1,000. Something has to be done. We have to stop the idiots on our roads who think they are the only ones driving.

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