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LETTER: Red light cameras in Las Vegas?

The proposed addition of cameras to catch red light runners could be a good idea (“Red light cameras highlight county commissioners’ wish list,” Wednesday Review-Journal). A less expensive idea would be to increase fines for people who continue to place themselves and others in harm’s way. Hit them in their pocketbooks and wallets.

As a former AARP driver safety instructor, I try to drive according to the rules. On the negative side, the cameras will certainly increase rear-end collisions. A number of times I’ve been concerned that the driver behind me will run into me because I stopped for an orange light.

Perhaps the whole problem with people endangering others could be solved if we stopped knocking down traffic tickets to parking tickets.

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LETTER: What’s in a name?

Mr. Segerblom seems to have nothing better to do than to change good established names to entertain his fancy and pat himself on the back.

LETTER: Biden seems to be getting paranoid

A president appearing to suffer cognitive decline is frightening. If paranoia is also potentially present, it becomes terrifying.

LETTER: The Trump assassination attempt

The evil enemy within kills or tries to kill the ones who are good for the country.

LETTER: Fight, fight, fight!

Instead of being in shock, a normal human reaction, or cowering behind Secret Service, he pumped his fist telling the crowd to, “Fight, fight, fight.”

LETTER: Finally, an uplifting news story

It touched my heart to read the story of Kit Herron and her plight when she was not able to afford a new air conditioning unit