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LETTER: Regulating bullets might slow down mass shooters

Instead of taking away guns, let’s regulate the bullets. If you own a gun, handgun or rifle, you can buy only enough bullets for the capacity of the gun, up to 10 or 15 bullets. You cannot buy additional ammunition until you have used what you have, and you must return the casings in order to buy more.

If you want to target practice at a range, you can buy as many bullets at the range as you want. But you must turn in the casings to make sure you take no bullets with you. If you are ordering bullets online, you must return the empty casings before they can send your 10 or 15 bullets.

If you are a hunter, you can get additional ammunition for your hunting rifle provided you have passed extensive background checks and have a hunting license.

Regulating how many bullets a person may own at one time may not stop all mass shootings, but it would make it very difficult for someone to carry out one with no reloads.

We should pass laws regulating the bullets by imposing stiff fines and jail time for having more than allowed.

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