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LETTER: Republicans keep tying Democrat hands on foreign policy

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that those who consume right-wing media appear averse to any sort of individual research, are often misinformed to the same degree and seem proud to publicly display it.

This was demonstrated on the Sept. 1 editorial page where cartoonist Michael Ramirez, letter writers Don Perry and Robert Edwards and columnist Victor Joecks all proclaimed that President Joe Biden abandoned billions of dollars of U.S. weaponry to be used by the Taliban. Yet even the slightest attempt to investigate their claims would reveal that those billions in U.S. weaponry were in the possession of the Afghan army. It’s also common knowledge that the Afghan army turned and ran when confronted by the Taliban, abandoning the weaponry we had given them.

Remember, George W. Bush ran against “nation building” but started it in Afghanistan. Then Barack Obama, eight years in office, kept us there. Then Donald Trump, four years in office, did a deal with the Taliban that tied Mr. Biden’s hands in much the same way that Mr. Bush tied Mr. Obama’s hands in Iraq as he left office.

But sure, lets blame Mr. Biden, less than one year in office, for the whole thing. I prefer to give Mr. Biden credit for fulfilling his promise to get us out.

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