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LETTER: Republicans should just clam up about the border

In the Review-Journal’s regular stream of letters to the editor attacking Joe Biden’s border policy, one detail is relentlessly claimed. Pretty much since Mr. Biden entered office, they’ve been uttering the words, “The border is open” — or some version of the same. This fictional claim comes from every part of conservative America, whether it’s Republicans in office or one in particular that was tossed out or media mouthpieces of the right.

Guess what? The rest of the world is listening. And they believe it. So it should be no surprise that there’s now a record surge of migrants showing up at the border. This has become a crisis the right seems to want. They want it to hammer Mr. Biden with it.

I would suggest that if the right were truly interested in reducing this migrant surge as much as most are, quick results could be had by discontinuing their advertising campaign.

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