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LETTER: Responsible people have been getting vaccinated

Instead of outrageous amounts of taxpayer dollars or smaller payouts for everyone who now deigns to be vaccinated, how about using those dollars to vaccinate people in nursing homes or in high-risk areas of Clark County and beyond? Saying it’s free money because it’s from the federal government is ridiculous. Every American who pays income taxes has paid for those dollars.

Responsible people have been getting the vaccines since they were first administered. Many who waited to know more are also vaccinated completely or in the process. Let’s all be responsible to protect those citizens who can’t receive the shots, especially our youngest and oldest people.

None of us should want to see tourism shut down again or to be afraid to dine in a restaurant or visit the Strip. I am tired of wearing a mask everywhere again and would love to sit in a movie theater instead of in front of my large screen TV. I also want to return to the volunteer work I love in a local hospital. Let’s start taking better care of each other so we can all return to normal.

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LETTER: Protests an important part of American history

I reached the age of legal adulthood in the 1960s. I witnessed protest after protest. The purpose was to make the administration listen to the issues of those protesting.

LETTER: Wear a mask at the gym but go maskless at the Raiders game?

Please explain why I have to wear a mask at the gym when exercising by myself yet people are celebrated while packed together indoors maskless and screaming at the Raiders Monday night football game?

LETTER: Our national leaders are letting us down

Is anyone else upset with the daily “lessons” that our national leaders are teaching all Americans, including the leaders of tomorrow, our youth?