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LETTER: Review-Journal falls for Trump tweet

It looks as if the Review-Journal editorial page was one of many in the media that were played by a presidential tweet that simply raised the issue of Election Day changes due to mail-in ballot fraud (July 31 editorial). In one day, President Donald Trump has elevated the issue to a national debate through this tweet. However, in his post-tweet press conference, he fully framed the ballot-fraud issue and downplayed Election Day changes.

Notably, he singled out Nevada, among others, as a principal violator, while expressing concern over the distribution of uncontrolled and unverified ballots, with many of them ending up on the ground outside apartment complexes like here in Las Vegas.

And, by the way, is poor second-quarter economic news really something that the president is merely seeking to deflect with this issue? Doubtful. The extent of the impact by the China virus is newsworthy, but not that the economy took a large and expected hit due to shutdowns, a fact acknowledged by the president on numerous occasions.

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