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LETTER: Riffing on Wayne Allyn Root’s proposed Trump campaign ad

Updated May 24, 2019 - 11:59 pm

I was so impressed by Wayne Allyn Root’s May 2 column on his potential campaign advertisement for President Donald Trump that I was inspired to write a TV ad of my own. I hope Mr. Root will excuse me for copying his words.

It starts with beautiful little children running toward an ice cream truck. Their proud parents watch nearby. Everyone is happy, smiling, playing, dancing and dreaming of the delicious ice cream they are about to enjoy.

The parents watch their kids while they walk toward the ice cream truck. Suddenly, the children are happy no more. They are hysterical, shocked and crying. They run back to mommy and daddy. They’ve been told that the pharmaceutical companies have bought up all the ice cream companies and have increased the price of each serving of ice cream to $99.95, to be taken twice a day for 10 days.

The parents look dazed. But daddy, being a big sport, decides that he will treat the family to ice cream, paid for out of his Social Security check he has just received. When he opens the envelope and looks at the enclosed check, he finds that the amount has been reduced to $7.33 to be paid every other month. The change was due to the fact that the Social Security money had been diverted to pay for a wall on the Mexican border to stop the people south of the border from fleeing to the United States to avoid tyranny.

If Mr. Root would like to work with me (collude) on future TV ads, I would be pleased to consider it.

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