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LETTER: RJ beating a dead horse with LVCVA

Rossi Ralenkotter brought millions of people and dollars to Las Vegas through his leadership at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. How many dollars have been spent vilifying the convention authority and Mr. Ralenkotter?

Why doesn’t the Review-Journal write investigative articles on the heads of the Nevada Democratic and Republican parties? This would provide the newspaper’s readers with something relevant to today’s issues.

Quit beating a dead horse and move on. The LVCVA was — and still is — a good thing for Las Vegas.

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LETTER: Racism and UNLV’s student body president

As someone also from South Carolina, I take umbrage at the comment made by an ally of UNLV student body President Hannah Patenaude concerning her Twitter comments of the past.

LETTER: Donald Trump the ‘extremely stable genius’?

How can we not listen to a leader who states that he is an “extremely stable genius” and makes decisions thanks to his “great and unmatched wisdom”?

LETTER: We are becoming a country consumed with hate

There is much hatred in the United States right now. Those on the network news would have us believe it all comes from President Donald Trump.