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LETTER: School deans and school discipline

Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara announced the elimination of 170 dean positions to help close a budget shortfall. Assuming an annual dean salary of $75,000 and 49 percent benefits, the savings amounts to $19 million. One of the primary responsibilities of the deans is enforcing student discipline.

In addition to the deans, the district employs 161 sworn officers and 49 civilians that make up its school police force. The cost is $18.4 million per year. Assuming the deans and police deal with 9,000 incidents a year, the cost per year of each incident is $4,000.

Maybe Mr. Jara is sending a new message: Our goal is to educate those who want to learn. We will not tolerate bad behavior.

The time is now for the district to inform parents that it is their job to make sure their children behave and are respectful in school. Maybe it is time for the district to remove students not interested in learning and put some of the $37 million to use in educational areas.

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