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LETTER: School district salary claims are a ploy

I have been teaching in the district for 11 years. I have had class sizes of 35 and all the way up to 46. I have had more than 15 students with Individual Education Programs in a single class with an aide who was right out of high school without an ounce of training involving students with identified needs. I love my job, as do most of us. But we are tired.

Recently, district officials shared with the media a salary schedule claiming teachers with 11 years of experience would make more than $80,000 under their proposal. I find this laughable because, according to that schedule, I would be making more than $25,000 above what I currently make. I have a master’s degree, and I hold a National Board certification.

I am looking for someone to make sense of this salary schedule and address the inequities that exist within the current pay scale. The school board and the Clark County Education Association have been fighting over a 3 percent difference, but that salary schedule tells a completely different story. If this were a true offering by the district, I’m sure the union would accept it and this fight would end.

I believe the proposed salary schedule is a ploy to get the public to believe we are receiving close to this income and that we (teachers) are selfish. There is no other reason for them to release it to the media but not to teachers. Everything else has been sent to us but that.

When will you show the inequalities that exist in our district concerning teacher experience and pay? And will you please address the fake salary schedule that the district put out?

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