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LETTER: Seeing yellow at Las Vegas intersections

While driving around town, I have noticed several traffic signals that are equipped with left-turn arrow signal lights. In practice, however, the green left turn arrow does not come on and a blinking yellow left turn arrow does. This allows a person wanting to turn left to go ahead if opposing traffic is clear.

For example, turning left from northbound Valley View Boulevard onto Oakey Boulevard recently, I witnessed a near collision when an impatient driver made a left turn on the yellow blinking light without sufficient clearance.

If the people who regulate traffic light settings think the few seconds saved by eliminating the green arrow and going directly to a yellow arrow is more important than the safety of persons who are trying to turn left, I would have to disagree with them. The green arrow is there for safety and should always be used. A few seconds saved is not worth more than the life of a driver.

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