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LETTER: Sen. Jacky Rosen ignores her own votes

It is extremely disingenuous for Sen. Jacky Rosen to posit the bright idea that no one in Congress should receive a paycheck if the government shuts down due to a failure to reach a budget agreement (Sept. 24 commentary). She states that extremist members of Congress are preventing an agreement — and she is correct to a degree. But she fails to mention that she was aligned with extreme members of her party to pass a budget that caused massive inflation and the pain at the pump that many Nevadans endure today.

Sen. Rosen’s bill to withhold pay to members of Congress during a government shutdown rings hollow in that most of those in Congress (including Sen. Rosen herself) are millionaires and can withstand a haircut of missing a paycheck or two without much stress to their family’s finances. She could better serve Nevadans by pressuring leadership to come up with a solution rather than pontificate.

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LETTER: Heaven forbid anyone should enjoy the view of the Strip

Clark County commissioners claim “safety” as the reason for their proposed ban on people stopping on bridges overlooking the Strip. But a more accurate assessment would be greed.

LETTER: Nevada, water and government subsidies

Subsidies are like tax deductions. Somebody else has to make up for the money lost due to a tax deduction. It’s time to halt subsidies of all kinds.