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LETTER: Sen. Jacky Rosen ignores her own votes

It is extremely disingenuous for Sen. Jacky Rosen to posit the bright idea that no one in Congress should receive a paycheck if the government shuts down due to a failure to reach a budget agreement (Sept. 24 commentary). She states that extremist members of Congress are preventing an agreement — and she is correct to a degree. But she fails to mention that she was aligned with extreme members of her party to pass a budget that caused massive inflation and the pain at the pump that many Nevadans endure today.

Sen. Rosen’s bill to withhold pay to members of Congress during a government shutdown rings hollow in that most of those in Congress (including Sen. Rosen herself) are millionaires and can withstand a haircut of missing a paycheck or two without much stress to their family’s finances. She could better serve Nevadans by pressuring leadership to come up with a solution rather than pontificate.

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