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LETTER: Sen. Jacky Rosen in Never-never land over WNBA pay

Are you kidding? We have a border problem. We need more money for teachers, the homeless and the minimum wage. Yet Sen. Jacky Rosen is spending time trying to ensure the WNBA pays the same salaries as the NBA (“WNBA players don’t deserve NBA pay,” July 19 Victor Joecks column)?

The Las Vegas Aces draw 4,000 a game. Our minor league baseball team draws 9,000 a game. That’s where all the fans are going.

Two players on the Los Angeles Clippers make more money than the whole league. If they didn’t get $12 million from TV, there would be no WNBA. The NBA plays twice as many games.

And how can WNBA players get equal pay when they don’t play by the same rules? The ball is smaller, and the three-point line is closer.

Sen. Rosen is in Never-never Land. Some NBA teams are worth $2 billion. What are the Aces worth?

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