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LETTER: Senior citizens take necessary precautions to deal with the aging process

In response to the wire service article, “Optimism grows as one ages,” that appeared in the Monday Review-Journal:

I disagree with the survey that found seniors are not worried about Alzheimer’s, breaking bones, etc. In my circle of friends, neighbors and relatives, we all are fearful of developing Alzheimer’s, breaking a hip, having a stroke, etc.

And though we don’t live each day in constant terror or worry, we are careful and take as many precautions as we can to avoid these health dangers. We are ever mindful that they can threaten our independence and turn our lives and the lives of spouses and family upside down and inside out.

We are not blasé about them. We are not unconcerned about them. We are not immune from worrying about them. Nor should we be.

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