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LETTER: Shameful treatment of a first lady

I’m not surprised that Democrats want to keep the shameful behavior displayed by middle and high school students toward first lady Melania Trump mostly under wraps (“That’s certainly no way to treat a first lady,” Sunday column by Debra J. Saunders). After all, it was disgraceful.

Isn’t it ironic that a first lady who stands against bullying was herself bullied by students at the B’More Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness? But it’s not the first time that she has received the cold shoulder. I cannot recall seeing her on the cover of a major magazine. Also, at an awards ceremony, Hollywood celebrities mocked her because of her accent.

But that’s OK. Let the celebrity Democrats and brainwashed schoolchildren continue to act like jerks — and the first lady and her husband will be guaranteed to be around for another four years in the White House, thanks to independents who are pretty disgusted by the tactics of the anti-Melania mob.

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