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LETTER: So-called bail reform endangers communities

In response to Donald L. Mulcare’s Sunday letter, I wonder if the writer is aware of the horror and mayhem current “bail reform” laws are unleashing on innocent victims and law enforcement.

Mr. Mulcare refers to the unprovoked attempted murder of the Chinatown restaurant employee as “a mistake.” How is it a “mistake” to bail out a violent repeat criminal? The Hollywood “celebrities” who fund these groups take no responsibility for the violent acts of the people they’re bailing out. They enjoy private armed security and bodyguards. They don’t live in ordinary neighborhoods, where the career criminals they pay to release terrorize the communities.

This isn’t “criminal justice reform.” It’s victim persecution and law enforcement demoralization. California just released 7,000 known pedophiles. All had served less than a year of their sentence. That’s not justice. It’s gross neglect of public safety.

The largest donor to the Democratic Party has funded radical district attorneys across the country. Their cities are not safe at any time of day as a consequence.

The repeated release of violent re-offenders has led to violent crime spikes across America. We are also dealing with unprecedented retirements and resignations within law enforcement due to the “progressive” war on the police that has resulted in violent attacks on our peace officers.

The Review-Journal ran an article in 2022 highlighting how many of our high-profile crimes were committed by offenders with previous criminal records. It was shocking. If we continue legalizing lawlessness and anarchy, we will lose our country.

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