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LETTER: Sports teams just want more and more

Ed Graney’s Monday piece on the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium quandary hits the nail on the head. (“D-backs fans a little baffled”).

Once a town throws money at a sports team and a stadium, that team will keep coming back for more.

Professional sports generates billions and billions of dollars, yet taxpayers are consistently left on the hook.

Go Raiders.

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LETTER: Venezuela moves off the radar

Ever since the Democratic candidates hit the campaign trail, Venezuela has disappeared from the mainstream news.

LETTER: Henderson welcomes short-term rentals

The owners of these short-term rentals are running hotels/motels in residential neighborhoods, and it is not fair to the residents.

LETTER: Did Philadelphia shooter follow the gun laws?

Less than an hour into the tragic event in Philadelphia last week, Sen. Kamala Harris was talking about her proposed legislation.