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LETTER: States try to keep Donald Trump off the ballot

The efforts by the states of Colorado and Minnesota to keep Donald Trump off the 2024 presidential ballot are nothing more than blatant, pure, unadulterated election interference. President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are so petrified that Mr. Trump might win the 2024 election that they are pulling out all the stops.

Presently, Mr. Trump has not been convicted of any crime, and this effort is a direct violation of his constitutional rights along with an attempt to disenfranchise millions of American voters. After all, Mr. Trump’s policies of peace through strength and America First worked magnificently and that is what American voters should keep in mind when casting their ballot. Conversely, Mr. Biden’s policies of America last and complacency and diplomacy have been an abysmal failure.

I have no doubt that if Colorado and Minnesota are able to keep Mr. Trump off the 2024 ballot, the cases will be overturned by the Supreme Court.

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