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LETTER: Sunday commentary on Clark County teachers was a home run

Bravo to Eric D. McCammond for his Sunday commentary on teachers. And bravo to the Review-Journal for printing it.

Mr. McCammond described in great detail exactly what it is like to teach in a Clark County high school. Some are a little better than others, but not by much. The lack of discipline (get rid of the cellphones), resources and poor working conditions, along with students with serious health or mental health problems and learning disabilities, is completely overwhelming. Add the second-language students, overcrowded conditions, administrators toeing the line for Superintendent Jesus Jara and the School Board, and you have the perfect storm.

Until there is a complete and total overhaul of this district, nothing will make a difference. Begin with the removal of Mr. Jara and the School Board. Then complete a forensic audit of money spent, bring in new top-level administration, remove barriers (discipline) so the teachers can teach and incentivize them with salaries that match other professions that require advanced degrees.

Our education system is on life support and dying. If nothing is done, our children will be the ones who suffer, along with our state.

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