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LETTER: Texas school shooting hits close to home

I am retired military — with my children, their spouses and their children we total 100 years of service to our country. So guns and weapons are no stranger to our family. We are also no stranger to Texas. Two children born in Texas, I graduated from a Texas university and we as a family have lived in at least six different cities there.

At this time, one of our grandsons lives in San Antonio with two of our great-grandsons. Early Tuesday, we received a call telling us of their plans for summer, which included us. It was a happy time, and the two boys were bubbling over with the news.

Wednesday morning, we received the news that one of our great-grandsons, a fourth grader, was too frightened and distraught to go to school. Too bad all senators and representatives did not get that same call this morning.

We have moved from muskets to AR-15s, and we see no need to look at changes? What is the next step, drones with rockets that will take out an entire school?

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